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From an advertising professional:

Thank you so much for the resume. It is wonderful. I have sent the resume to only one company, and Monday I will begin working for that company. The company's name is OneUpWeb and is located here in Traverse City. This is not just another job for me. This is a career move. Check out the Web page at OneUpWeb.com.

Again, thank you for the resume. Your work is fabulous.

R. A., Traverse City, MI

Jim, just wanted to let you know that I've landed the job I wanted all along! I'm currently in my second week of training to be a dining room manager at Carnevino, Mario Batali's Italian Steakhouse in the Palazzo Hotel. Not too shabby for someone who's been in this town only a month! Thanks for all your help. Hope you make it out here sometime soon so I can thank you in person.

S. M., Las Vegas, NV

Jim, my wife applied for the Telephonic Medical Case Manager position, using the updated resume you provided. The interview went so well that 1 hour later they called back and offered her the job. She is very excited about this opportunity, and we thank you for your help.

T. D., Williamsburg, MI

Jim, thank you for an outstanding, professional job! Your pride comes through in your products. I will definitely recommend your services to others.

H. T., Madison, AL

From a veteran chef, manager, and longtime entrepreneur in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Trader Joe's is highly selective; but if the candidate follows the company's application instructions and grabs the reviewer's attention with a strong cover letter, TJ's typically contacts the individual within two weeks.

Jim, after an extensive interview process, I have been hired on with Trader Joe's, starting on Tuesday. I am so looking forward to it. Thank you for your support.

A. E., West Roxbury, MA

From an undergraduate student and IT professional:

Jim, the way you put everything together is a huge confidence-booster. I feel like an MIS superhero. You were able to take the information I gave you and paint an accurate picture of my work in a way I never would have been able to. I handed out about 10 resumes at the job fair, and it appeared a number of recruiters were extremely impressed as well. One company liked me enough that I'm booked for an interview tomorrow afternoon.

The place was packed with students, and they had only a few other people on their roster for similar interviews. I have some friends on campus graduating with me or within the next year, and I will be sure to recommend they get in touch with you.

R. T., Owens Cross Roads, AL

From the president of a staffing company. I received this call 24 hours after e-mailing to the firm a resume I had just revamped for a middle manager. The agency had informed him that the resume he had written on his own would need further work before the agency could submit it to prospective employers. When he got this news, he called on me to help him achieve this result. I had never previously dealt with this particular staffing firm.

Resumes are everything. You did a very fine job on the one for [this gentleman]. I am definitely going to submit it.

R. D., President
DePasquale Staffing Services
Williamsport, PA

From an Air Force veteran. This fellow had recently relocated and needed a resume within 24 hours. His computer was still in transit; so I got all his information over the phone. The following day, he hand-delivered the finished resumes and cover letters to five employers. Four hours after hand-delivering the material, he called me with this news:

Jim, I handed in the resumes today and got two job offers. Called to say very pleased with the results.

J. P., Huntsville, AL

Thank you for the resume -- good job. I e-mailed it to a buddy of mine in HR [Human Resources]. He said it's the best he has seen.

R. G.
Scottsboro, AL

From a sales professional and product manager:

Jim, my neighbor is in Human Resources for a large firm, and I had her review the resume. She felt it was very well done. I will send it on its way. Thank you for your quick response. I will recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for this type of service.

J. B., Kingsley, MI

Jim, I studied the resumes and cover letters. I love them! You have a real gift. I could not have produced such wonderful documents myself. Please feel free to use me as a reference should you need one.

K. S., Verona, PA

The author above, K. S., a senior-level manager in the Pittsburgh metro area, did send a reference to a prospective customer and kindly sent me a copy of the message:

"I hired Jim Hastings to write my resume and cover letter this past year. Every aspect of the experience was superior. I was impressed with his ability to sort through the myriad of information I gave him and ask insightful questions. The product was a resume and cover letter that were professional, completely honest, yet flattering. When I read what had been written, I was impressed with myself. I would hire me.

"The real test is not what I thought of the product but the results from circulating it. I can honestly say that it has opened doors and provided opportunities I had not been able to access with my previous efforts."

From a property manager and professional in sales and finance:

Jim, just wanted you to know my resume was a big hit. They even complimented me on how well it was put together! I was hired on the spot! I really appreciate your patience as well as your speedy response. Thank you very much. I will continue to refer to you anyone in need. Great job!

J. C., Huntsville, AL

Jim, just to let you know that I have found a new job in metro Atlanta, and I am moving there this weekend. My employer, Decoma, was really impressed with my resume.

S. M., Madison, AL

Looks great, Jim. Good news -- he [the prospective employer] called yesterday and offered me the job. Thanks again for all your help.

C. C., Lake Ann, MI

Jim, I can't thank you enough. It looks fantastic! You have a way with words. She [the prospective employer] loved the resume and wants me to send her your Web site address, since her husband needs a resume, too. Good job.

L. T., Madison, AL

Jim, I just wanted you to know that I was offered a job in my major -- exactly what I wanted. When I started to post my resume [that you had revamped for me], I received feedback faster than when I had originally done the resume myself. Everyone was so interested in the resume and great cover letter. You did a fantastic job -- it was well worth it. I will start my job on Monday.

T. D., Huntsville, AL

From an attorney:

Jim, just as a follow up, I wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your assistance in helping me nail my resume. Next month I'll be starting my new job as Vice President, Legal Services, for Huntsville Hospital.

K. D. G., Madison, AL

The resumes and cover letters look great! We are very pleased. Thank you so much for your help. We will be sure to refer others to you.

A. H., Fyffe, AL

From an MD and professor specializing in radiology:

Jim, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work you've done for me. The CV [curriculum vitae] looks great, and I would recommend your services to anyone without reservation.

A. C., Clearfield, PA

From the sister of a customer whose resume I had just uploaded to the Internet for him. I received this message about one hour after completing the upload:

Hello, Jim. Just to let you know -- I just got off the phone with Gary, and a recruiter has already contacted him. Can you believe it? The recruiter went over some of the basic info with Gary, but they will have an official phone interview tomorrow. I just thought you might want to know that our efforts are not fruitless.

Again, thanks so much for your help and such a speedy response. Have a great New Year and many blessings.

P. R. T., Mobile, AL

Jim, You have done an incredible job with my resume. It sounds just like what I wanted to say -- only couldn't. And I felt my husband's [earlier attempt to write it for me] sounded a little arrogant. You are truly gifted with this type of work. I will recommend you to all my friends and associates.

I will be sure to keep in touch and let you know when I become employed. Good luck with your business. I hope we will work together in the future. Again, thanks for everything.

C. Y., Hartselle, AL

Jim, just wanted to let you know I found out today that, thanks to you, I got referred for the job I was hoping for!

Thanks much!

K. L. P., Huntsville, AL

From a man whose resume I had revamped for him less than 24 hours earlier. He called me to tell me the following:

I handed it [the finished resume] in this morning [to the man who had asked for it]. He offered me the job.

B. M., Meridianville, AL

Thank you for all your help. You did such excellent work on my resume! Before, it was plain and dull -- something someone would just put aside. Now it is an attention-grabber. With your wording and presentation, I believe it will stand out! I really appreciate how professional and dedicated you have been. It was such a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks so much.

K. A., Waltham, MA

Dear Jim, YOU ARE THE BEST! I love your corrections and will use them for my final copies. I have dropped your name to many of my colleagues. Thank you so kindly for your quick reply, and I wish you the best with your business! Take care.

M. H., Williamsport, PA

From a technical writer:

Everything here looks wonderful. Thank you very much for your help. It's been a pleasure working with you.

C. D., Brookline, MA

From a human resources manager:

Thank you so very much. You are a life-saver. I can't say enough about your professionalism.

M. D., Boston, MA

From the mother of one customer who was on the road a great deal and didn't have computer access to view the finished resume:

I saw the first draft -- it was GREAT -- you will come highly recommended.

S. L., Huntsville, AL

It looks wonderful, Jim. Thanks again for all your hard work. I'll be in touch should I have any further questions.

P. M. V., Jamaica Plain, MA

From a financial analyst and entrepreneur in real estate and yoga instruction. I recommended two different versions of the resume -- one including the yoga portions and the other one leaving them out.


These look fantastic. I am extremely pleased with the changes you've made. You have been such a big help. Thank you so much!

R. D. D., Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you very much for the incredible work you have done for me on the resumes and cover letters. It was hard for me to recognize myself in there at first -- I never looked so good. You truly have a way with words. Good luck -- and be assured that I will not hesitate to refer people to you.

L. W., Athens, AL

Jim, thanks for a job well done. It looked great! I certainly will recommend you to others.

C. W., Huntsville, AL

Jim, this looks great. I don't see anything that needs to be changed. I really appreciate this -- and thanks again.

J. D., Hazel Green, AL

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Editorial Projects

From a university professor and department chairman:

Thank you for doing an outstanding job in editing __________' s thesis. That is exactly what I'm looking for in what I perceive as professional writing. There is a remarkable difference between "before" and "after" in the quality of the product. I will be making additional referrals to you concerning editing for all of my Ed.S. candidates' thesis studies.

F. S., Ed.D.
Alabama A&M University
Normal, AL

From a writer-editor with an internationally known corporation, following my transcription from audio of his interview with the company's CEO (Chief Executive Officer):

Thanks, Jim. You did a great job. If you need a reference in the future, do not hesitate to give my name and number to potential customers.

M. F.
Boston, MA

From a student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I edited and final-formatted his safety manual in APA style before it went to the instructor.

This is from the instructor of my class. I told him I had been working with you on several projects. Again, thank you. See note [from G. B.] below.

R. M.
Huntsville, AL

"Hi, Fellas -- I'm sending you [RM's] Safety Program to look at. He had the best one, and I graded everyone else's against his. Format and editorial setup were excellent. Paper layout and editing were excellent. To all of you, I very much enjoyed the course and hope to see you in another one."

Redstone Arsenal, AL

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