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Rates, Payment, and TurnaroundRates, Payment, Turnaround

These prices are typical. Once in a while, an unusually long job exceeds the ranges given here. See notes at end.

Once I see your material, I will give you a firm price -- see typical rates below. If the quote is satisfactory, I will get your payment information before starting the work. You may use a major credit or debit card. I will not debit the card until I have a completed job ready to send you. If you prefer, you may write a personal check or money order -- or pay in cash.

Usual turnaround is three business days, but I am flexible and can move things faster if you are up against a tight deadline. Once you've reviewed the completed work, let me know if you need final adjustment or revision. This is at no extra cost.

Refunds and Credits

If my finished work is not to your satisfaction, I will address those parts that you feel need adjustment. If the second attempt doesn't resolve the issues, I will make a third attempt. Beyond the third try, if you and I feel that we're making progress and you would like me to continue, the project will go into overtime; but if either of us feels, after three tries, that it would be useless to go further, then I will refund half the fee.

I am realistic enough to know that I can't please everyone. Still, after nearly 19 years in the business, I have an extremely high customer satisfaction rate -- with only three customers I could not satisfy, no matter how hard I tried.

Commercial Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Normal: 100.00
Long: 120.00-150.00
Typing Jobs (
see below), Updates, Adaptations: 50.00-75.00

Federal Resume
Normal: 125.00
Long: 150.00-200.00

Editorial Services
Copy and Line Editing: 20.00 per hour
With Formatting: 25.00 per hour

Rush Service
Regular rate x 1.5

Student and Retiree Discount
20% off regular rate

Internet Postings

Typing Jobs and Updates

Unlike full-fledged resume projects, typing jobs involve little or nothing more than basic editing and layout -- working from your previously handwritten or typed resume text to make it look and sound good on the page. In these jobs, I simply make the most of what you give me. Few of my customers choose this option, because it doesn't really add value -- beyond improved appearance and correction of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Updates of a resume I completed for you in the past usually run at half the regular rate or less. This is true also for adapted or alternative versions. With these new versions, you and I are using a different focus from the previous version, often targeting a different industry.

Monday-Saturday     Monday-Saturday, Day or Evening     256-213-9966

 All major credit and debit cards accepted.

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