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Me practicing at age 15I MAJORED IN MUSIC, and I know from experience the special kick a performer gets from connecting with a live audience. Yet, in the high-tech era, performers will need to keep finding new ways to reach audiences where they are -- homes, offices, cars, malls, Internet cafés -- not just concert halls and recital rooms. This page is one small contribution I decided to make in that direction.

Jim Hastings


I have played these pieces before. For now, till I have time to record, check out these YouTube performances by other players and posted by other uploaders. These artists' interpretations are similar to mine. The Kreisler and Verdi tracks give the general idea of my basic sound and style. Runtimes are to nearest 5-second intervals:

Kreisler, Fritz. Liebesleid (Love's Sorrow).
Anne Akiko Meyers, Soloist. 4:30.

O'Carolan, Turlough. Traditional Irish Air: Si Bheag Si Mhor (So Big, So Small).
Retaw Boyce, Soloist. 3:20.

Rodgers, Richard. Hard Work and Horseplay from Victory at Sea.
RCA Victor Orchestra. Robert Russell Bennett, Conductor. 3:40.

Verdi, Giuseppe. Violin Solo from Act III, Scene 3 Intro, of I Lombardi (The Lombards).
Vilmos Szabadi, Soloist. 4:05.


I began elementary piano lessons at age 7, but soon the violin muse got me when a professional orchestra played at my elementary school. I started fingering and bowing tunes by ear on a half-sized instrument before I even had my first lessons. My parents didn't have to tell me to practice -- I was hooked on it.

In my later teens, I auditioned for a seat in the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, training school of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and played a couple of seasons, gaining experience in both violin sections -- second and first. Yet, by age 20, I began to feel that orchestra playing was too confining and just didn't fit my individualistic, free-spirited personality. At 21, I decided to resign my chair and regain my freedom.

I've never regretted the decision. I'm thankful for the whole experience -- but grateful I realized early in life that the music business just didn't suit me.

I became a small-business owner in 1996. Now I keep playing as a serious amateur. I prefer violin/piano and violin/guitar combos and small chamber groups -- one player to a part.

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