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Editorial ServicesThank you for doing an outstanding job in editing __________' s thesis. That is exactly what I'm looking for in what I perceive as professional writing. There is a remarkable difference between "before" and "after" in the quality of the product. I will be making additional referrals to you concerning editing for all of my Ed.S. candidates' thesis studies.

F. S., Ed.D., University Professor and Department Chair

Hi, Fellas -- [RM's] Safety Program [was] the best one, and I graded everyone else's against his. Format and editorial setup were excellent. Paper layout and editing were excellent. To all of you, I very much enjoyed the course and hope to see you in another one.

Redstone Arsenal, AL

UNLIKE THE RESUMES and curriculum vitae projects I handle daily, which involve both editing and original writing, straight editorial projects give me a break from my own writing and let me concentrate on yours. I aim to be true to your original material, improving on it only where I truly feel it needs improvement. My goal is a finished product that preserves your individual style and voice.

Editors and publishers are busy people and can't read every submission they get. The more thoroughly you and I catch and fix any technical problems before submission -- grammar, spelling, punctuation, usage, syntax, style, formatting -- the better shot you'll have at getting the publisher to read your piece.

All of us, including me, benefit from getting a second opinion of our work. Especially in first drafts, we all make subtle and not-so-subtle errors, and even the best spell-check and grammar-check programs fail to catch many of them.

E-mail transmittals have replaced much hard-copy delivery. Check with each publisher for specific requirements.

Background and Credentials

I became a published freelance writer in 1990, when my first op-ed pieces ran in several major American newspapers: Hartford Courant, Denver Post, Houston Post, San Diego Union-Tribune. Although I'd already had a high publication rate since 1983 in Letters to the Editor columns, I didn't attempt full-scale opinion pieces until 1990.

Initial op-ed efforts brought rejection letters -- chiefly because of stiff competition for space on editorial pages, where columns have to be extremely timely. A major news event such a hurricane or the outbreak of war can push other subjects off the page overnight. This was often the case during the 1990 Desert Shield buildup phase to the Persian Gulf War of 1991.

In early February 1992, Jeff Jacoby, who was then Chief Editorial Writer of the Boston Herald, called to request a column from me for the paper's Counterpoint page, a weekend pro-and-con debate feature. The piece ran February 16, 1992.

With the start-up of my own business in 1996, I joined the ranks of freelance editors. The projects I work on are article and book manuscripts, master's theses, doctoral dissertations, training materials, and Web site texts. If you have a project that doesn't fall into one of these categories, feel free to inquire. I'm happy to discuss it.

Theses and dissertations often require APA style, and I know this format very well. I now work on these projects only at the final stage -- i.e., after you and the professor have finished hashing out subject matter and content. I deal only with grammar, spelling, punctuation, paragraphing, style, readability, and APA formatting.

To see a sample of the work I do, follow this link to the essay "Thoughts on Columbia." At my request, a friend sent the piece to me to honor the seven astronauts who flew the space shuttle's last mission, January 16-February 1, 2003. My friend gave me permission to use the marked-up version of his essay as an editing sample.

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